What is #YOLG


So my good friend and fellow podcaster Robin Tate (Bongo The Sane) recently came up with this idea.  He asked the following:-

“Is that pile of shame getting you down?

Are you pressing the buy button just because you can?

Not finishing what you’ve bought before moving onto the next?

If this is you then it’s time you were Living Gamegerously.

Join up. Become part of YOLG.

Your game collection NEEDS YOU! 

1st Dec 2016 – 1 Dec 2017

  • Don’t collect, complete.
  • List your dirty 30.
  • Budget and budgnot.
  • 30 all done?  Time for new fun.

After mulling this over for a while I took stock of my pile of shame, the games I have bought in sales etc. and never finished or in some cases never played.  It occurred to me that I need to do this and I may even save some money in the process!!

The rules are quite simple.  From 1st Dec 2016 to 1st Dec 2017 I have a limited budget of £100 for any game purchases.  I also have a list of 30 games I challenge myself to complete in this year, my Dirty 30!  If I complete my list of 30 games then I win and can buy new and shiny games once more!  I will be updating this blog regularly on my progress and the games I am playing.  Also I will be streaming some on Twitch, the feed link is on the main page at the bottom.  If you see me online drop by and say hi!